Teeth Whitening

Are you unsatisfied with the colour of your teeth?

Stains occur for many reasons, including smoking or tobacco use. Your teeth can also become stained by regularly eating certain foods and beverages. Plus, teeth naturally start to darken as you age.

Choosing a professional whitening treatment can reverse the effects of tooth staining for a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

There are many whitening treatments readily available for purchase. However, professional whitening is generally safer and more effective. Applicator trays in chemist shop kits are intended to be “one size fits all” which can result in them fitting uncomfortably in your mouth since they are not designed specifically for your teeth. Whitening gels included with this type of product can sometimes be too abrasive or can leak because of ill-fitting trays, leading to gum and other soft tissue irritation.

For these reasons, you may want to choose professional whitening instead. The whitening service provided by the team at Griffith Street Family Dental may consist of two phases – an in-chair whitening session and a customised at-home kit and care plan.

In-Chair Whitening

Your dental practitioner will use a light activated whitening gel. The gums are first isolated then the whitening gel is applied. A light activates the gel for 15 minutes. This process is repeated three to four times as required. Teeth can be lightened dramatically in only one visit.

At-Home Whitening

If you prefer to whiten your teeth at your own convenience, your dentist may provide you with a custom at-home whitening kit. Your applicator trays will be customised just for you, and the strength of the whitening gel will be chosen to meet your needs. You will be given specific instructions on how to use it safely.

After this kind of whitening treatment, you will typically be asked to arrange a follow-up visit at our clinic to monitor your progress.

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