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Griffith Street Family Dental, located in the centre of Coolangatta, provides a modern and relaxing environment for all your dental needs. From the contemporary waiting room to the luxurious and comfortable patient dental chairs, Griffith Street Family Dental has been designed to enhance the patient experience. Services we offer include:


CONSULTATION: Discuss with your dentist any oral concerns you may have.

EXAMINATION & SCALE AND POLISH: We use the latest technology to diagnose problems including an intra-oral camera. We will perform a thorough clean for you and remove any built up plaque, followed by a polish and fluoride application.

COMPOSITE RESIN FILLINGS: Known as “white” fillings. We are able to match a colour to your other teeth making the filling invisible.

CROWNS: A ceramic or gold tooth-shaped shell to go over your existing partial tooth.

BRIDGES: A series of ceramic or gold tooth-shaped crowns which are joined together to cross a gap between teeth, sometimes as an alternative to a partial denture.

VENEERS: A thin layer of ceramic that is fixed to the front of your tooth, with minimal disruption to the existing tooth. Usually used to improve damaged appearance or tooth colour.

ENDODONTICS (ROOT CANAL THERAPY): Root canal therapy is necessary when the nerve tissue inside the tooth root becomes infected and painful. Once the nerve is removed the remaining space is cleaned, shaped and filled. The tooth is therefore saved and restored back to its full function and appearance.

EXTRACTIONS INCLUDING WISDOM TEETH: Certain oral surgical procedures including wisdom teeth removal are regularly performed by our dentists. Nitrous oxide (happy gas) is available for the nervous patient.

IN-SURGERY WHITENING – ZOOM®Philips Zoom® White Speed: is a teeth whitening treatment offered at our practice. This professional whitening method uses a revolutionary light that activates a special whitening gel. The Zoom® light helps us to effectively remove stains and give your teeth a beautiful, whiter colour.

TAKE-HOME WHITENING: A mould is taken of your teeth so that a personalised tray can be made. Once the tray is prepared whitening gels can be conveniently applied at home.





INFECTION CONTROL: At Griffith Street Family Dental, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art hospital grade sterilisation. We exceed industry standards to ensure that your health and wellbeing is protected. Griffith Street Family Dental, located in Coolangatta, follows the latest disease prevention and sterilisation guidelines from Australia and around the world: all dental instruments are either single-use or fully sterilised before use. Work areas and the dental chair are fully decontaminated between patients and for the safety of our patients; all practice water is monitored for quality and is hyper-filtered. Our entire dental team is extensively trained to provide leading-edge infection control. You can be confident in the sterilisation standards with all of our dental treatments. We only use the highest quality equipment and follow the strictest guidelines to ensure a healthy and enjoyable visit to our clinic.

INTRA-ORAL CAMERA: An intra-oral camera is a small tool that we use to show you what we are looking at inside your mouth. The camera is able to take high quality photos of your teeth and gums, which will then be magnified and displayed on a computer monitor for you to see. Our dentists will be able to use the image to see your teeth in greater detail, making it easier to identify potential issues. The photos will also help us to explain our diagnosis, our proposed treatment, and to give you a greater understanding of any problems.

LCD SCREENS: Our LCD screens allow us to show you either photographs from the intra-oral camera, your x-rays, informational videos or even a DVD during your treatment. Kids especially enjoy watching a DVD during their treatment.


DIGITAL X-RAYS: We are able to review your x-rays with greater efficiency than before through the use of digital x-rays. These x-rays can be developed more rapidly than traditional x-rays, and you are exposed to 80-90% less radiation. As a result, this makes it much safer for you, as well as for our dental team. The images can be enlarged and displayed on a computer screen, enabling us to review them with you easily. Digital x-rays provide us with a highly detailed view of your teeth, helping us to give you a more accurate diagnosis, so that we can customise an appropriate treatment plan for any issues that may be found. This digital technology eliminates the need for film processing chemicals that can be harmful to the environment.

MICRO-ABRASION: Micro-abrasion can be used in a multitude of ways, but the primary use is in the removal of stubborn stains and marks on teeth.

NITROUS OXIDE: Also known as ‘happy gas’, nitrous oxide is a safe option for patients. It allows adults and children to undergo treatment without anxiety, stress or any phobias. Having been used for over 30 years, ‘happy gas’ patients will experience feelings of deep relaxation. Upon completing treatment, the effects of the nitrous oxide will cease immediately when patients stop inhaling the gas.

Griffith Street Family Dental is Coolangatta’s leading dental practice. We are committed to providing exceptional dental care to every patient, every day. We treat all of our patient’s needs and desires on an individual basis, and take the time to listen, understand, and to involve you in the process of achieving optimal ‘health, function and aesthetics’. We strive to set the standard in dental excellence for the Coolangatta and greater Tweed Heads regions.

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