The Government is in the process of reviewing the CDBS, so what does this mean for you and your children?

At present the Australian federal government provides $1000 (over a 2 year period) towards dental treatment for eligible children and teenagers under the age of 18.   To receive the benefit you must meet certain government criteria.  If you do not use all of the benefit provided, it does not accumulate, it simply remains in the government pool.

As the scheme is under review and subject to a senate inquiry, this may mean that the government could close the scheme at any time.  This means that you will no longer be able to choose your child’s dentist at the government’s expense.  This, however, can be over turned by public support to save the scheme.  The best way to support the scheme is to use it.  As this year is drawing to an end,  you only have a few weeks to use the money provided by the government before it rolls over into next year.  By supporting the scheme this will send a clear message to the government that there is a need to continue the CDBS.

The Australian Dental Association is playing an important role in supporting the scheme and advising us, as dentists, to encourage our patients to do the same. “In the past there has been two government reviews of the CDBS which found the scheme to be effective and successful, but in need of better promotion.” says Dr Rick Olive,  President of the Australian Dental Association.

You can support the scheme by making an appointment and using your funds before the end of the 2016 calendar year, by contacting your local MP, or by signing the e-Petition on the ADA website (link provided for your convenience).

Cheryll Dunn  B.Oral.H (Qld)