Bluetooth technology? What does this have to do with teeth?

Ever wondered where the term Bluetooth comes from, and how it relates to technology and teeth? This is a thought that often crosses Griffith Street Family Dental’s Dr Rakesh Bhula’s mind as he wirelessly links his cellphone to his laptop.

Rakesh did a little research and learnt that Bluetooth was developed by Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson in 1994. Bluetooth was initially conceived to wirelessly transfer data over short distances using ultra high frequency radiowaves, making physical hard wire cabling unnecessary.

The name Bluetooth is a reference to a tenth century Scandinavian King Harald Gormsson. King Harald’s nickname was Bluetooth, with popular tradition maintaining that he was called Bluetooth in reference to a decayed/discoloured front tooth. King Harald united divergent Danish tribes into a single kingdom and introduced Christianity to the region. The idea of using this nickname for the wireless technology was proposed in 1997 by Jim Kardach of Intel. At the time of this proposal, Jim was reading Frans G. Bengtsson’s historical novel The Long Ships about Vikings and King Harald Bluetooth Gormsson. The implication here is that Bluetooth (technology) does the same with communications protocols, uniting them into one universal standard, just as King Harald did with the Danish tribes.

As an interesting aside, the Bluetooth logo  is a  combination of two letters of the runic alphabet (called a bind rune) merging the runes Hagall (ᚼ) and Bjarkan (ᛒ). These are King Harald’s initials.

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Here at Griffith Street Family Dental, not only are we well versed in using Bluetooth technology when it comes to our low dose radiation digital x-rays and digital record keeping, we are also experienced in fixing peoples ‘blue teeth’. If you have stained, chipped, decayed or otherwise unsightly front teeth and would like to know your options contact the friendly team at Griffith Street Family Dental.

Dr Rakesh Bhula along with Dr Selvan Dass and oral health therapist Cheryll Dunn offer a wide range of treatment options to deal with discolouration- from scaling and polishing to bleaching to fillings to cosmetic rehabilitation with ceramic veneers and crowns. Call today.

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